Ceramics - Acoma

LaDonna Victoriano

LaDonna Victoriano is a potter from Acoma, New Mexico. She has been making pottery for over 10 years. All of LaDonna’s pottery is handmade using natural clay and pigments. She also hand paints each piece using the yucca brush method. She has two museum exhibits currently running:  Ancient Inspirations at the William and Lee University in Lexington, VA and One Coil At A Time at the Pueblo of Acoma Musuem.

Photography - Albuquerque

Janet Maes Gagliano

With a deep, multi-generational family connection to New Mexico, Janet Maes Gagliano spends as much time as possible trekking around the state discovering hidden gems and capturing them through her photography. From reflections to ancient structures, landscapes to street art, flowers to shadows, she is drawn by the smallest detail and the grandest vistas.

An Albuquerque, NM native, Janet began public display of her photos in 2014 and was invited to participate in the UK Black and White Print Exchange Group in 2016. In September 2018, Janet was one of a select group of artists who had the opportunity to participate in Artists Days at the Rail Yards to document the historic complex before renovations began. The City of Albuquerque purchased her work, Rail Yards Reflection. Janet’s work is also New Mexico True Certified.

Painting - Albuquerque

Karen Mogen

Karen Hackett Mogen is a graphic artist, juried watercolorist, acrylic painter and mosaic artist. Art has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. She started drawing as a child in the Chicago area and then received a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico. khmogen design was launched in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nature is her inspiration for her organic painting subject matter, from animal portraiture to an exquisite flower or other interesting flora. Karen’s Vintage Tin Paintings started in May of 2017. Her best friend Meg is an expert in salvage finds and other vintage pieces. She found ten galvanized tin roofing tiles and said, “…do something with these…” Karen started painting acrylic on them and has not stopped. She have now expanded to all shapes and sizes of vintage metal.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez of Albuquerque creates unique sterling silver jewelry using Kingman turquoise and bezel wrapped traditional and contemporary settings.

Ceramics - Placitas

Catherine Alleva

Catherine Alleva is a first-generation Korean-American, born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was also raised in South Korea and New York and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She lived on the island of Maui for a decade before moving to New Mexico in the year 2000. She has been living in the “Land of Enchantment” ever since.
After a successful career as a Web Development Manager for Indian Health Service, Catherine immersed herself in ceramics and in particular, her passion for wheel-throwing. While primarily self-taught, she has attended the Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao, Hawaii and has studied with several distinguished ceramists, including Jeff Oestreich and Adam Field.
Catherine creates altered and hand-decorated wheel-thrown functional-ware, drawing inspiration from nature and her profound connection to the places she has called home. Her passion for the ancient Asian art of wood firing has also led her to participate in and create works from firings in Madrid, El Prado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work has been exhibited in juried events and shows, including, most recently, Resonations in Clay – Life on the Bosque at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitors Center.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Mary Gonzales

Mary Gonzales received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in 2014. After finishing her educational training, Mary was hired at Coyote Clay & Color, a local glaze manufacturing company and studio space. She worked her way from packaging glaze, to working at the front desk, processing sales and shipping information, to managing warehouse production for wet glaze products, as well as teaching. In May of 2018, Mary resigned as wet productions manager in order to become a full-time studio artist. Mary continues to be an instructor at Coyote Clay & Color, where she teaches hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Her current body of work evokes the beauty and magic of nature and calls forth the fantastical. Bowls of delicate leaves, mugs of leather, and gemstones and gold chunks nestled in dragon scales, inviting her audience to take a second look at what we think we know, and how we perceive the world around us.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

R Montoya Jewelry

Randy Montoya is a silver/goldsmith from Santa Fe, NM whose ancestry in Santa Fe goes back many generations to 1890. At 15 years of age, Randy discovered his affinity for making jewelry when he was a student at Santa Fe High School. Shortly after graduating Randy was offered a job with a local jewelry designer, Douglas Magnus, thus catapulting his passion for jewelry and design. It quickly became evident that he had a true talent and natural ability for silversmithing. He continued to work for Douglas Magnus for the next 18 years during which he perfected his ability to work with silver, gold and intricate stone inlays. Randy now has a collection of traditional and contemporary pieces that have been featured in multiple artist markets in New Mexico. Following their own passion for silver/goldsmithing, Randy’s two sons now work alongside him as apprentices.

Glass - Edgewood

Sundancer Steel and Glass

Originally from Bristol England, Martin Adie, artist and owner of Sundancer Steel and Glass uses Steel and Stained Glass for a unique combination of ornamental and functional art. With over 20+ years of experience working with stained glass, he has a variety of unique designs and a portfolio of custom work. His metal skills developed over 40 years complement and enhance his glass art.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Desert Fig Designs

Jennifer Lamprey is a New Englander, transplanted to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for over twenty years and is now delighted to call Santa Fe her home because the high desert is, without a doubt, where her heart is. She been creating sterling silver jewelry since the summer of 2016. After breaking her leg that spring she was laid up for several months. Unable to do massage work which had been her passion for over fifteen years, she threw herself into designing and working with sterling silver. She is grateful for the “happy accident” which afforded her the time and space to create. Jennifer says “something good has to come out of something bad”. She always had a creative side dabbling in fiber arts, paper sculpture and creative cuisine and feels blessed to have found metal smithing. Working with metal is her bliss and being able to share her work with the world has changed her life in such beautiful and unexpected ways.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Jack Boglioli

Jack Boglioli started creating jewelry in 2008. During a 7 year period of self-learning, he practiced the techniques of binding and weaving precious metals, exploring what was possible to create using almost no tools. At that time, he says, “I became captivated by the level of focus and precision this process demanded, and the intricately layered textures that it could produce in a finished piece”.

Jack received formal training in traditional jewelry-making at Central New Mexico Community College, in 2015. Today, his goal is to achieve seamless integration of traditional metal-smithing techniques with the binding and weaving methods he became so enamored with from the start. He explains:

“All of my designs incorporate special binding and weaving techniques executed with thin strands of fine silver and high karat gold. I use these methods to embellish a piece, bind multiple components together, and trap stones into a fabricated framework. The beauty of woven silver and gold is incomparable, especially when it is used to set stones. From both closeup and far away it tends to draw the viewer in, to experience it’s finer details. I strive to showcase this beauty while maintaining the structural integrity and elegance of a well-crafted jewelry piece.”

In 2018, Jack was named “Jewellery Designer of the Year – USA” by U.K. based LUX Life Magazine.


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