Featured artisans: Edmund Tucker, Nyeari, Logan Wannamaker, Juan Lopez, Chelsy Spicer

Meet our 2019 Featured Artisans

Accepted Artisans

New Mexico artisans from 42 different communities and Pueblos in our state are represented in the 2019-2020 New Mexico Artisan Market. Follow along with us and we introduce these talented artists.

Painting ~ Albuquerque

Aaron Richardson

Albuquerque artist Aaron Richardson was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1978. Art has been a part of Richardson’s life since before he could write. Richardson is a modern realist/ expressionist painter working in oil paints and charcoals. Since 2000, he has been creating commissioned portraiture in charcoal and in 2011 began painting with oils. He’s had solo shows in Albuquerque, NM and San Antonio, Texas and has won an Honorable Mention ribbon in the 2015 New Mexico State Fair. Richardson lives and paints in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fashion ~ Albuquerque

Brooke & Adelyn

Artisan Brooke Harper earned her degree in Fashion Design from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. She worked as a Patternmaker in New York City before coming back to New Mexico in 2008 and starting Brooke & Adelyn in 2009. Dismayed by the unethical practices of the Fashion Industry, she works to make her microbatch Brooke & Adelyn line of clothing ethical.

Microbatch design is inspired by the concept of slow clothing. It diverges from today’s current culture of fast, throw-away fashion to create quality clothing with timeless individuality. Brooke & Adelyn is not mass-produced. Each style is designed and draped, block printed by hand, and made in small runs locally in Albuquerque, NM. Brooke & Adelyn uses hemp blend fabrics as the base of their design. The prints are inspired by nature, and New Mexico culture and history. The fabrics, inks, tools, and processes used are sourced mindfully of stainability, fair trade, and environmental impacts.

Specialty Foods - Albuquerque

The Cornivore

The Cornivore is a New Mexico True locally owned and run family business. They have been in business for about 5 years and specialize in great tasting New Mexico flavors. Their goal is to make your popcorn experience the best you’ve ever had! The Cornivore doesn’t use corn syrup, butter or preservatives making their popcorn a healthier alternative.

Fashion - Serafina

Deerskin Bags and Clothing

Pam Dietrich made her first deerskin jacket in 1971 and has been at it ever since. Originally from Santa Barbara,CA she’s been living in New Mexico since 1992. She had a boyfriend who used to do leatherwork and had some tools and scrap in a box. He showed her the basics and she went with it from there. Everything Pam does is entirely hand laced. All of the tools she uses fits in one hand. The skins she uses are top quality Deerskin and Lambsuede which were tanned for the top design houses. Pam’s job is to make her customers look amazing and she’s gotten pretty good at that!

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Desert Fig Designs

Jennifer Lamprey is a New Englander, transplanted to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for over twenty years and is now delighted to call Santa Fe her home because the high desert is, without a doubt, where her heart is. She been creating sterling silver jewelry since the summer of 2016. After breaking her leg that spring she was laid up for several months. Unable to do massage work which had been her passion for over fifteen years, she threw herself into designing and working with sterling silver. She is grateful for the “happy accident” which afforded her the time and space to create. Jennifer says “something good has to come out of something bad”. She always had a creative side dabbling in fiber arts, paper sculpture and creative cuisine and feels blessed to have found metal smithing. Working with metal is her bliss and being able to share her work with the world has changed her life in such beautiful and unexpected ways.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Joanne Douglas

A modern interpretation of vintage Southwestern style. Joanne Douglas’s eclectic line synthesizes a lifelong interest in design, sterling silver, vintage leathers, creative colors and attention to fine detail. She creates jewelry that becomes wardrobe staples.

Body Products/Candles - Vallecitos

Dryland Wilds

Cebastien + Robin of Dryland Wilds, forage the high desert for common and invasive plants, using old-school perfumery techniques to bring you real desert perfumes that smell like the places they were harvested from and hydrating botanical skin care – from the wilds of New Mexico.

Jewelry - Corrales

Elkin Studio

Richard Elkin is a bench jeweler and designer. His creative background in design and fabrication dates back to 1978 and encompasses training in Metalsmithing, jewelry fabrication, ceramic arts and sculpture. He has been a full time professional studio artist since 1978. Richard’s work has received numerous awards for excellence throughout the country.

Folk Art - Penasco

Garcia Spanish Colonial Arts

Lorrie Garcia grew up in Northern New Mexico surrounded and inspired by many of New Mexico’s historic mission churches which house some of the most important pieces of Spanish Colonial devotional art. Her background developed her appreciation for Spanish Colonial art; however, her career as an artist started late after retiring from a teaching career in 2001. Lorrie now focuses her creative energy producing traditional hand carved bultos using either aspen or jelutong; and retablos using ponderosa pine boards, homemade marble dust and rabbit skin glue gesso, and natural pigment paint which she prepares herself.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Griffith Evans

After finishing a B.S. in Industrial Design, Griffith Evans realized that his true passion lay in handwork. His preference for the plane over the pixel led him to complete a formal training program in Fine Woodworking and Professional Craft.  Griffith’s special jewelry collection is crafted in reclaimed orchard wood from the northern New Mexico village of Cuartelez. He harvests declining walnut and fruit trees on his friends ancestral property there. He embraces certain elements of the 19th century Arts & Crafts stylistic tradition—simple lines, handsome proportions, restrained decoration, and native materials—while remaining unburdened by the utopian, anti-industrial philosophy of the movement. He incorporates the commercial furniture production techniques of steam bending and bent lamination.

Specialty Food - Albuquerque

Heidi’s Raspberry Farm

Heidi’s Raspberry Jam starts with hand selected raspberries grown on a farm in Corrales, New Mexico. All of the fruit is selected for its unique flavor, sweetness, texture and color. All of her jam is made in small batches, by hand with loving care. She slowly cooks the raspberries to ensure that the vitamins and beautiful color of the natural fruit are preserved for your enjoyment. Heidi Eleftheriou and her team handmake and package each batch of jam in her Albuquerque kitchen.

Leather Goods - Mancos

Kelly Horrigan

Kelly Horrigan is a leather artisan, costume designer and educator. She earned her BFA in fashion design and has been a professor at Pratt Institute since 2000. Kelly has taught leather craft, jewelry workshops, sandal making, sewing construction, computer-aided design and fashion design. She teaches workshops with the Mancos School of the West, CO and in her studio. Her work has been worn by Janet Jackson, Steven Tyler, Debbie Harry and featured in the pages of the Fader, Surface, Vogue.com, Style.com, The New York Times and seen on Transparent, NBC’s The Voice and Bravo TV.

Furniture ~ Peñasco

Andrew Garcia

Growing up in Northern New Mexico (Peñasco), Andrew Garcia was always exposed to WPA furniture. He was intrigued by the Mortise and Tenon joinery and the beauty of the carvings. After a career as a mathematics instructor, Andrew began to experiment with carving and construction of Spanish Colonial furniture. He soon fell in love with it and decided to jury into Spanish Market (2004).

After building several pieces of furniture with the traditional “roping” and “rosettes”, he began to include more universal designs and motifs in his work.

Andrew is especially inspired by the work of Nicolai Fechin, which is a combination of Spanish Colonial, New Mexico, and universal styles.

He takes pride in the fact that his work goes “from tree to final form” that is, he harvests and mills his own lumber; designs, constructs, and finishes every piece of furniture. His goal is for all steps in the process come into harmony to produce not only a piece of furniture but a piece of art.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Mary Gonzales

Mary Gonzales received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in 2014. After finishing her educational training, Mary was hired at Coyote Clay & Color, a local glaze manufacturing company and studio space, as a Pinter. She worked her way from packaging glaze, to working at the front desk, processing sales and shipping information, to managing warehouse production for wet glaze products, as well as teaching. In May of 2018, Mary resigned as wet productions manager in order to become a full-time studio artist. Mary continues to be an instructor at Coyote Clay & Color, where she teaches hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Her Current body of work evokes the beauty and magic of nature, and calls forth the fantastical. Bowls of delicate leaves, mugs of leather, and gemstones and gold chunks nestled in dragon scales, inviting her audience to take a second look at what we think we know, and how we perceive the world around us.

Painting - Bernallio

Sage Joseph

Sage Hagan was born and raised in New Mexico. A self taught artist, Sage brings his all with every stroke and every breath. Life and art are one. Sage celebrates this. His deep roots, spirituality and convictions are evident in his art. Sages work is powerful, communicative and surreal. There is a natural fluidity to his paintings. A gifted talent, with a incredible work ethic. Sage is always at his best Painting one day at a time. 

Folk Art - Alququerque


Sean Wells’ artwork has been featured on internationally distributed beer labels (Cerveza de los Muertos), nationally distributed wine labels (La Catrina Vino) and New Mexico Lottery Scratchers 2015 and 2016 all featuring his stylized Day of the Dead themed images. She is also an award-winning 5th generation Spanish Colonial artist and juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in the retablo category. Sean has two distinct lines of art, my Saints and my Sinners. However, all of her art celebrates traditions, culture and history with a focus on healing.

Jewelry - Espanola

NM Filigree

Born and raised in Northern New Mexico, Racheal Roybal-Montoya grew up in a loving, artistic family. From a young age she was encouraged to express her artistic identity. Her talents increased with each passing year. Once she decided that art was her calling, she studied under a variety of jewelers including her mentor, Elan Varshay. With his careful guidance, Racheal’s skills as an artist grew. She displayed her art work in several different shows, winning many awards along the way. In 2010 Racheal realized a dream when she was accepted into the Traditional Spanish Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has been a great honor for her to work with so many talented artists along her journey. Racheal looks forward to what the future holds, as the demand for her jewelry continues to grow and as does her reputation as an artist.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Olazabal Finery

Gloria Olazabal first embarked on her journey as a jewelry artist fifteen years ago as an apprentice in her home country of Peru. She spent five years learning traditional silversmithing under a master jeweler in Lima. When Gloria arrived in the US, she studied jewelry design and fabrication with Donald Dietz at the renowned Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida. Currently, Gloria works independently in her home studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Painting - Santa Fe

Pena Studios Inc

Amado Maurilio Peña, Jr. studied art and education at Texas A & I (now Texas A & M Kingsville), where he received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. He was a teacher in his hometown of Laredo as well as in Crystal City and Austin, Texas.  He continues to teach as part of the Studio Art League program at Alexander High School in Laredo and is also an adjunct professor in the College of Education at the University of Texas.  He has been a presenter at many national education conferences. Of course, Amado’s first love is art, and he has been a successful professional artist for more than 30 years. Amado is a Mestizo of Mexican and Yaqui ancestry.  His art celebrates the strength of a people who meet the harsh realities of life in an uncompromising land, and his work is a tribute to the Native Americans who survive by living in harmony with an adversarial, untamed environment. Amado’s artwork is defined by its bold color and form and dynamic composition. Through his art, he communicates his vision of a land, its people and their art.

Furniture - Los Lunas

Random Orbit

Douglas Jones moved to New Mexico in 2006 to join the faculty of Santa Fe Community College in Fine Woodworking. He is currently Assistant Professor and Program Head at SFCC and operates a furniture studio in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Prior to moving west, he was the program head of the woodworking department at the Shelburne Art Center near Burlington, Vermont. Doug hold an MFA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design (1992) and a BA from Wesleyan University (1982). In addition, he completed the Fine Woodworking program at Bucks County Community College (1987).
Since 1992, Doug has operated Random Orbit Studio, often working with his wife Kim. He seeks to build furniture and objects that are elegant and imaginative, sophisticated yet approachable. He shows his work through gallery exhibitions, locally, nationally and online and has been fortunate enough to gather many awards for his work.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Gary Sanchez

Gary Sanchez of Albuquerque creates unique sterling silver jewelry using Kingman turquoise and bezel wrapped traditional and contemporary settings.

Ceramics - Acoma

LaDonna Victoriano

LaDonna Victoriano is a potter from Acoma, New Mexico. She has been making pottery for over 10 years. All of LaDonna’s pottery is handmade using natural clay and pigments. She also hand paints each piece using the yucca brush method. She has two museum exhibits currently running:  Ancient Inspirations at the William and Lee University in Lexington, VA and One Coil At A Time at the Pueblo of Acoma Musuem.

Jewelry - Cedar Crest

zMoxy by Cristina Radu

Born in Romania to a family of artists (mother was custom tailor and father a designer), Cristina Radu grew up alongside her parents creating. She was fascinated by the transformation of fabric, wood, metal, and paper into usable and often wearable objects. While other children were playing with regular toys, those materials and tools became her favorite playthings! Christina spent over 20 years building a fulfilling career in environmental engineering – a profession she still loves! But all along, the desire to create things of beauty lay dormant and at some point, it had to burst out in the open and grow beyond admiring what others were making. So in 2016, she became a full time jeweler. While metalsmithing will remain central to her life, she continues learning and experimenting with new materials and techniques to fuel her aesthetic sensibilities. Cristina hopes that her jewelry will infuse a bit of that spirit into those who wear her one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces.

Photography - Albuquerque

Tony Mattson Photography

Tony Mattson grew up on the plains of eastern Colorado and developed a respect for the vastness and the beauty of the landscape of the western U.S. He has enjoyed photographing the Rockies, the unique land formations of the southwest, the weather patterns and other subjects for many years. They have served as an endless source of inspiration and serve as a focal point for much of his photography.

Tony had been photographing for many years at the amateur stage until very recently. Joining the local camera club (Enchanted Lens) several years ago made him see photography in a much different way. Until that point he had been completely self-taught, but the club, along with the gracious help of many club members, has provided him with much appreciated training in composition and technical skills, and has helped him to release his creative spirit.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Amanda Sweeney

Amanda Sweeney is a GIA Graduate Gemologist who has previously worked in both retail jewelry sales as well as appraising. Upon relocating to Santa Fe, she studied Jewelry and Metal Arts at Santa Fe Community College and opened her own business approximately 2 years ago. Amanda has a passion for creating modern, streamlined pieces that showcase exceptional gemstones. In addition to hand crafted jewelry she also makes a variety of functional silver items including serve-ware, bowls, hair accessories etc.

Folk Art - Albuquerque

Beth Spencer Design

Beth Spencer is a graphic designer and illustrator who creates work with humor and whimsy.

Ceramics - Roswell

Bone Springs Art Space

Ceramic artist, Miranda Howe, received her BFA from Texas Tech University, studied at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts in Greece, and completed her MFA from Montana State University in 2002. Miranda has been accepted into art residencies at Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, LH Project, Roswell Artist-in-Residence and Kohler Arts/Industry Program.

Having grown up in New Mexico, Miranda has come full-circle in establishing her studio in Roswell where she continues both her functional and sculptural work. Influences in Miranda’s work stem from her interest in geologic components as well as the refined structure of decorative ornamentation. In 2018, Miranda opened Bone Springs Art Space, a renovated warehouse, where she has her studio, maintains a gallery and gift shop, and teaches classes to children and adults.

Glass - Placitas

Desert Glass Designs

Born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, Denise Elvrum fled to the deserts of New Mexico in 1993 to attend school at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, where she studied geology.

While a student there, she started quilting and quickly became addicted to the colors and shapes one could make with pieces of fabric. After graduating and bouncing around the country for a few years (all the while perfecting her quilting technique), Denise decided that if she wanted to keep her sanity, she needed to live in New Mexico and pursue her creative instincts. A friend introduced her to the world of fused glass. Fused glass is wonderful because it uses the same process as quilting. You cut up something (fabric or glass) and then recombine it into new and unique designs. And it’s a lot faster than quilting.

Denise started selling her work about 14 years ago. Since then, she has been in numerous shows throughout the state of New Mexico. A few years ago the president of New Mexico Tech commissioned her to make 250 6.5 inch plates which he then gave as gifts to donors to the school.

Glass - Las Cruces

Dr. Green Glass

Justin Sevey, Dr. Green Glass, has been a professional lampworker specializing in borosilicate glass for 15 years. He built a studio out of his home with all of the tools necessary to bring his concepts to fruition. He fuses traditional methods of glass blowing with modern techniques including coldwork and electroforming to create contemporary glass art. Many of his pieces contain precious gems and minerals used to create unique colors and seemingly impossible optical illusions within a sculpture.

Painting - Albuquerque

Dreams Create Reality

Stephanie Eichelberger is a visual artist primarily working in acrylic paint, ink, and graphite in a surreal style. Recognized for her vibrant color palette, her work is influenced by the Southwest, animal symbolism, and the human condition. Her paintings and drawings have been exhibited between New York and New Mexico with collectors throughout the USA and UK.

Body Products - Al;buquerque

Global Apothecary

Kelsey Norris, founder of Global Apothecary, began her skincare journey in 2010 when she was struggling with some skin issues. She became passionate about NATURAL skincare when she became aware of the toxic ingredients used in most beauty products. Frustrated by conventional beauty, and unimpressed by DIY formulations, she was determined to create something safe and natural, but effective. She created Global Apothecary as a way to combine her love of natural skincare with her passion for travel. All Global Apothecary items are inspired by different countries from around the world, using regionally, culturally, and historically relevant ingredients. She adds powerful cosmeceutical ingredients to create potent formulations that are as unique as they are effective.

Metal Work - Santa Fe

Imagination Fabrication of New Mexico

Hector Madrid is the artist and owner of Imagination Fabrication, a local company in Santa Fe, NM. He has roots in New Mexico that go back centuries. Growing up on a ranch in Mimbres, NM – Hector learned to work metal at an early age. Continuing the practice for over 30 years has enabled him to hold onto the heritage that was bestowed upon him. Hector’s ironwork is individually designed and influenced by New Mexican culture or nature. He uses forge and anvil and/or welded techniques; never using computer aided programs or power hammers. His unique, primitive designs incorporate repurposed metal as much as possible. This approach ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Photography - Albuquerque

Janet Maes Gagliano

With a deep, multi-generational family connection to New Mexico, Janet Maes Gagliano spends as much time as possible trekking around the state discovering hidden gems and capturing them through her photography. From reflections to ancient structures, landscapes to street art, flowers to shadows, she is drawn by the smallest detail and the grandest vistas.

An Albuquerque, NM native, Janet began public display of her photos in 2014 and was invited to participate in the UK Black and White Print Exchange Group in 2016. In September 2018, Janet was one of a select group of artists who had the opportunity to participate in Artists Days at the Rail Yards to document the historic complex before renovations began. The City of Albuquerque purchased her work, Rail Yards Reflection. Janet’s work is also New Mexico True Certified.

Leather goods - Taos

Bag Maker of Taos

At 15 years old Jared Casias became a street child and hitchhiked the country crafting jewelry to survive through his teens. Every piece he created carried the story of his life. After a lifetime on the road Jared made it back to New Mexico where his family has been for generations. He now handcrafts leather bags in minimalist style with old world techniques. Every piece still carries the essence and spirit of his life and the spirit of New Mexico. Jared Christian Pacheco Casias is the Bag Maker of Taos. Hand crafted @ 7000 feet.

Home Goods - Albuquerque

Josie Mohr

Josephine Mohr works in paper, fabric, wood and leather. She creates silkscreened dishtowels, market bags, aprons and more. Creating art has always been an important part of Josie’s life. She has taken printmaking classes at CNM, a community college, but is mostly self taught. She has received a first place award for a pencil drawing in the Miniature Art Show, Albuquerque, NM, 3rd place ribbon and several honorable mentions at the Hispanic Exhibit at the NM State Fair. She was the only person to have a piece in two different exhibits running at the same time at the Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque; one in the San Pasqual Exhibit, and 10 pieces in the Pico, Chico, y Rico exhibit that ran for 6 months.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Manos de la Tierra

Mary Sharp-Davis has been a clay artist for 40 years. Though her degree from UNM was in Fine Arts/painting and drawing she finds the allure of clay constantly fascinating and challenging. Mary is primarily self-taught with a few interspersed workshops throughout the years. She creates nichos which are three dimensional display boxes. She loves incorporating other found objects into her pieces.

Sculpture - Bernalillo

Metal Maniac

Debo Leach’s work has had many transformations since she first began working with metals. Starting in the mid 70’s her work concentrated on metalsmithing and design. Originally from Northern Vermont, she drove west and resettled in New Mexico in 1990. The diverse culture and magnificent landscapes inspire her creations that represent a wide range of subject matter. Her twist on traditional western art is recreated in her work, each piece uniquely reflective of the Southwest.

Her latest passion is sheet metal work in copper, brass, bronze and recycled objects. The creation process begins with hand sawn sheet metal, colorized with waxes and embellished to complete the diorama. If you listen carefully you can hear the pieces speak, each with its own story.

Fashion - Albuquerque

Michael Wieclaw

Michael O. Wieclaw aka Metal The Brand is an Albuquerque based illustrator, graphic designer and screen printer. Notable works are the Breakfast Zia, collaborative work Slimy Susana (Martinez) The Garbage Pail Politician and his maggot apparel, stickers and swamp/pit interactive art installation in his retail shop Metal The Store. Apart from serving up fresh gear with New Mexico pride, Wieclaw is apart of a national network of micro merchandisers and sticker graffiti artists who help each other build an audience for their weirder work.

Specialty Food - Albuquerque

Mountain Man Gourmet

Lawrence J. Clark, aka the Mountain Man Gourmet, began his love affair with food in early childhood. He has fond memories of swiping a fresh tomato off the kitchen counter and eating it like an apple, the juices running down his face and staining his shirt as he savored the luscious, nutritious fruit of the vine.

Lawrence is a veteran of the food and hospitality industry, having worked in fourteen restaurants and resort hotels in six different states from Maine to Mississippi to Florida while developing his career as a writer, educator, and musician. He has spent a lifetime traveling to over 40 states and 25 countries, where he’s tasted a wide variety of cuisines and learned some fascinating new cooking techniques that he loves to pass along.

Paper/Stationary - Albuquerque

Nicky Ovitt Illustration

Nicky Ovitt is an illustrator by trade and utilizes her pen and ink drawings, pencil sketches, paintings and washes to create a range of useful goods. In applying her illustrations to useful and ethically sourced goods she creates items with narratives and purpose.

Bandanña was inspired by my own weathered and well-loved vintage neckerchief collection. My updated premium versions are classic, unisex kerchiefs intended as much for utility as trend. Spelled correctly with one “n” or two, bandannas can evoke the tender memory of grandpa wiping away your tears and commemorate the thrill of that glorious first motorcycle adventure. The tilde (~) is a respectful nod to my Hispanic heritage and the rich influence of growing up in the American Southwest.

Recycled/Upcycled - Santa Fe

Reimaginary Friends

Margaret Barth’s design career started in the Theater as a Costume Designer. She has over 11 years of experience working in the Santa Fe Opera, Philadelphia Opera, Philadelphia Ballet, Metropolitan Opera, Broadway, and Off-Broadway productions. Her experience as a pattern maker and designer lead her into the world of Fashion. Initially working for big fashion, Margaret soon became disenchanted with reckless environmental practices and various sweatshop situations. Continuing her love of design, production, and sustainability, she chose smaller cottage type businesses and also started teaching recycled art workshops while creating several sustainable product lines. Her love of creation and handmade has never ended. Reimaginary Friends is an environmentally friendly line of soft toys and baby blankets Margaret lovingly creates in her Santa Fe studio with locally sourced materials.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Root & Feather

Theresa Mares and Annette Mares-Duran, are a mother daughter team. Their mother/grandmother was a jeweler and passed the art down to them. They started this business to spend time together and share their love for jewelry. Their entire family (dad, husbands, siblings, niece) help them out with different parts of the business.

Root & Feather is a family company with local roots. They are passionate about jewelry and know that a good design holds a thousand words. That’s why they are dedicated to designing a variety of jewelry that keeps you grounded while inspiring your soul to soar. Their one of a kind collections incorporate classic elements with modern style to help you, be you.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Seraphym Designs

Arasely Rios-Quinones is the founder and CEO of Seraphym Designs Inc. Seraphym Designs is home to the first Heirloom Rosary of its kind in the United States. Her heirloom rosaries and devotional jewelry are now sold across the US, Europe, Canada and Latin America.

Arasely has been designing rosaries since she was 8 years old. Her childhood love of stringing beads and making rosaries was an early guidepost down her path of devotion. Arasely’s true purpose goes beyond just making rosaries. She creates art that inspires a deeper devotional and spiritual connection.

Fashion - Albuquerque

Silverado Apparel & Home

For over 38 years Sylvia Ortiz-Spence has been the sole owner and creative director of Silverado Apparel + Home Decor located in a historic 16,000 sq. ft. building in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. Employing up to 49 workers, Silverado manages all aspects of their manufacturing supply chain. Silverado is a highly-respected and desirable Southwestern lifestyle brand. Silverado has ALWAYS been Proudly Made in New Mexico, USA promoting it’s New Mexico roots and local workforce. Silverado is the New Mexico True house of fashion that Sylvia built.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Art Tafoya

Art Tafoya, silversmith and artist, learned the basics of silversmithing at age 12 from a blacksmith at a riding stable near his home. Later he learned the art of making handmade stamps and dies from Carlos White Eagle, a former student of the legendary Navajo silversmith Fred Peshlakai. All of Art’s stamps and dies are his own creations. He specializes in hand stamped old style jewelry in the tradition of Fred Peshlakai, but in a style all his own. His original jewelry is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. He was a silversmith in residence at The Turquoise Shop at Knotts Berry Farm in California for 25 years before relocating to Albuquerque. His work was recently added to the permanent collection of the Albuquerque Museum, the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art and included in the book Navajo Silversmith Fred Peshlakai, His Life and Art.

Ceramics - Santa Fe

Carolyn Lobeck

Carolyn Lobeck learned to throw clay through rigorous repetition. She creates her work in sets and multiples making 30-50 pieces at a time. She is a small scale production potter making functional pots. Carolyn aims to bring beauty and satisfaction to everyday tasks, like eating a bowl of soup or drinking a cup of tea. To do this she focuses on making strong shapes that are balanced and comfortable to handle. Her goal is to bring the absolute best out of a piece in the design and decoration she employs. She experiments with the use of positive and negative space (what is decorated and what is left blank) in order to strike a visual balance. She implements the use of textures for added interest when handling a piece. The designs she chooses are informed by the shape and feel of each piece. In this way her work directs her toward the end result.

Recycled/Upcycled - Santa Fe

Cynthia Inson

The power of place has influenced Cynthia Inson’s works for years whether its sky, water, or earth forms. Changing natural energies inspire her metal work and she makes marks, texturizes, and forms metals to echo changes that occur over time in lands and our lives. Even the name of her studio, Disheveled Edge, reflects her philosophy of a life lived artistically. Cynthia makes jewelry from a variety of metals, originally working with precious metals. More recently she has chosen to use a high percentage of reclaimed materials for her works. The works are hand formed, shaped, folded, unfolded, hammered, and heated to illustrate change and transformation, blurring the line between contemporary and ancient form.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Danny Hart Design

Danny Hart was born and raised in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. Spending his childhood in Santa Fe cultivated his passion for creative processes and design. He later studied Architecture at the University of New Mexico, which allowed his appreciation for design to manifest into a functional practice. After school he worked for 12 years as a finish carpenter, which allowed him to hone his skills as a craftsmen.

Drawing inspiration from the colorful landscape of his home state, his Father’s influence in woodworking, his Mom’s inherent craftiness and his architectural and construction background, Danny has consolidated these influences into creating contemporary wooden lifestyle accessories.

Recycled/Upcycled - Farmington

Eye Impact Art

Serious art doesn’t have to be somber – life is serious enough. Terry Munter’s art is about joy, beauty and fun. She has always had a case of ADOS… Attention Deficit Oh Shiny!!! Terry started collecting vintage costume jewelry, then selling it, now recycling it into one of a kind sculptural art.

Painting - Albuquerque

Golden Spiral Designs

Caitlin Padilla is a Native New Mexican. Her work is Spiritual Surrealism. She is inspired by philosophy, existentialism, emotion, Sacred Geometry, the interconnectedness of the Universe, the feminine ideal and preconceived social structures. She believes in involving her audience in her process as much as possible and live paints at every event – inviting connection and open and vulnerable dialogue.

Caitlin is classically trained and has a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico. She started Golden Spiral Designs in 2016 and has also partnered with William Wooten to create Pigment Pushers, a painting event and class at numerous restaurants and bars in Albuquerque.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Holly Stults Designs

Holly Stults, an American jewelry designer, has made her home for many years in Santa Fe, NM. Her jewelry is made with Gold, Argentium Silver, Pearls and Gemstones. Holly’s unique and original designs specialize in necklace enhancers, detachable pendants which can be worn to enhance, and shorten and/or lengthen a variety of necklace strands. Her collection includes earrings, rings and bracelet cuffs.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education degrees from Wilkes College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Holly went on to study jewelry at the Kulicke-Stark Academy of Jewelry Art and Parsons School of Design, both in NYC. She has exhibited in over 12 museums, including the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC, the Noyes Museum, NJ, The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, NM, and The Albuquerque History and Art Museum, NM.

Ceramics - Santa Fe

InFlux Ceramics

Esther Smith creates functional and beautiful porcelain ceramics for everyday enjoyment. Inspired by the natural world, she uses stamps, slips, and stains to create unique and interesting surfaces.

Photography - Rio Rancho

J Kenneth Wallace

Photography is a passion that J. Kenneth Wallace has enjoyed and pursued over the last 50 years. Its many facets provide a multitude of ways to express himself while creating beauty for others to see. His main goal in producing art is to always create thought-provoking scenes that trigger emotion within the viewer.

The majority of my photos reflect nature, mechanical objects, architecture or history.
I continue to travel in search of new adventures and the next great photo. I always have my camera in-hand and enjoy the spontaneity of shooting in the moment.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Jeff Krueger Design

Jeff Krueger is an artist and designer working in Ceramics and Wood for over 30 years. He trained at the California College of Arts and Crafts and received his MFA in sculpture at UNM. He has taught or lectured at such institutions as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Royal Colleges of Art in London and Copenhagen, The School of Glass and Ceramics on Bornholm and the University of California Santa Barbara. He has exhibited his work nationally for decades with exhibitions at such venues as the Drawing Center in New York, 516 Arts in Albuquerque and the Museums of Art in Ciudad Juarez and Albuquerque. He lives and works in Albuquerque and is represented by galleryFritz in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Leather Goods - Albuquerque

K C Leather Design

Karen Carlson began doing leatherwork in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1972. For 10 years in the 1980’s, she was the Marketing Director and Show Manager for the Harvest Festivals then worked at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, which hosted several different arts and crafts shows. In the mid-90’s Karen went back to doing leatherwork and travelling to juried shows across the country. She moved to Albuquerque in 2006, and has gradually cut back from big, nationwide shows to selling her work at the Saturday Market in Santa Fe and exhibiting in the occasional local show.

Photography - Santa Fe

Kristin Schillaci Photography

Kristin Schillaci’s love of history began at an early age; her love of photography stemmed much later in life. She took her first photography class in her sophomore year of college at Grand Valley State University. She went from being a possible history major to photography major instantly. It all made sense; she could blend her love of history, her personal view of the world and artistic expression.

In 2005 Kristin received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Shortly thereafter Kristin and her husband Tony moved to Santa Fe where she began to pursue her fine art photography career. She owned and operated a fine art print shop and began showing her work with the Santa Fe Society of Artists. In 2014 they spent 12 months in their 17ft 1980 camper, exploring the country and showing her work at art festivals. In 2016 after another attempt at stationary living, they got a newer camper and hit the road again. This mobility has given Kristin the freedom to create the award-winning body of work you see around you, and the ability to build a collector base around the country at many highly ranked festivals. After another two years on the road full time they have established their studio and home base in Santa Fe NM.

Body Products - Santa Fe


Daven Lee began Love+Leche in 2005 at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, making handmade beeswax-based lotion bars. They are a family-run, woman-owned business in Santa Fe,NM and proud to be NM True.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Melody Sauceda

Melody Sauceda, the Monarch herself, carefully creates each piece with Love and Passion. Each precious stone is cut with joy as it is wrapped in High Polished Silver. Rare treasures such as Ancient mammoth bone, Instinct Dinosaur bone, Colorful turquoise, Sleek gun metal colored Meteorite, blood red coral and other Elegant precious stones create some of the most striking Heirloom Jewelry ever seen.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Naomi Herndon

Naomi Herndon draws inspiration from her own indigenous and Hispanic roots, and the landscapes around her Santa Fe Studio. She considers her current work a love letter to her grandparents as her fascination with ornament was born during visits to their jewelry booth. She works with her husband Mark Herndon collaboratively to create this wearable art. They take the traditional techniques and styles she grew up with, and meld them with modern jewelry applications. When you buy their work you are not only buying a beautifully made piece of jewelry you are getting a work of art steeped in love and history.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

RAM Stoneware

Richard Monikowski’s heritage is mixed: half Polish and half Mi’kmaq Indian of the Eel Ground First Nation (Canada). His work is inspired by the sky and the mountains and the traditional pottery makers of the American Southwest and the basket makers of his own Mi’kmaq people. After moving to NM in 1986, he became enthralled and intrigued by the process of turning lumps of clay into pieces of fine art. In 2001, while living in Rochester NY, he started taking pottery classes at the Genesee Center for the Arts, the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of American Crafts, and at the NY State School of Ceramics at Alfred University. Richard’s work continues to evolve and expand as he experiments with different types of clays, glazes, and glaze applications. In much of his pottery, his designs combine traditional shapes and forms using contemporary methods.

Ceramics - Taos

Sarah Newberry

Sarah Newberry is originally from Southwest Michigan. In her Midwest childhood home, sharing meals was an obvious part of daily life. This influenced Sarah as she made choices in her career and eventually brought her to Taos, NM in 2010 for an Artist in Residence position at Taos Clay. Now, Sarah has been in New Mexico for almost ten years and enjoys being a full-time studio artist. Making functional dinnerware and participating in socially engaged projects which brings people together over a meal is Sarah’s dream.

Jewelry - Ramah

Shows Studios

Two artists, Turza Wells and Andrew Shows, began working together in 1978. She was a silversmith from Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in art education, and he was a painter/sculptor from Maryland with a Bachelor’s in drawing and painting and a Master’s degree in sculpture and ceramics. They combined their talents and created a unique style of inlay and carved stone jewelry, which is southwestern in origin, yet universal in appeal.

Their goal is simplistic sophistication, allowing the gem materials to dominate and create drama rather than be hidden in obtuse designs. The range of materials is precious, semi-precious, shells, natural stones, even stabilized and sometimes man-made. With the use of all of these materials, a wide and varied pallet of color is produced that very few artists dare to attempt. The application of their jewelry designs involve cutting and carving stones of different images, fabricating the sterling silver settings, and arranging them in designs that tell a story.

Glass - Edgewood

Sundancer Steel and Glass

Originally from Bristol England, Martin Adie, artist and owner of Sundancer Steel and Glass uses Steel and Stained Glass for a unique combination of ornamental and functional art. With over 20+ years of experience working with stained glass, he has a variety of unique designs and a portfolio of custom work. His metal skills developed over 40 years complement and enhance his glass art.

Textiles - Albuquerque

Annie Osburn Designs

Annie Osburn is a textile artist, weaver and garment designer. She designs, weaves and constructs one-of-a-kind duster jackets, wraps, ponchos, serapes, tunics, scarves, and more. She uses the highest quality fibers and yarn‚ silk, cashmere, linen and hand-dyed and hand-spun wool. Annie’s work is inspired by the colors of our New Mexican landscape. Her desire is to weave a living fabric that enhances the ideal inner beauty in each of us. Weaving on the loom is also a deeply symbolic form of interconnection. The textile tales we tell while the shuttle passes among the threads echo the tales we weave in our daily lives.

Specialty Food - Corrales

Big Jim Farms

Big Jim Farms focuses on organic growing practices to produce GMO-free, chemical-free, nutritious fruits and vegetables. In addition to growing corn, melons, tomatoes, bell peppers, pecans, plums, apples, and pumpkins, Big Jim Farms specializes in farming green chiles, and selling prepared products such as red chile sauce and 1/2 cases of chopped green chiles

Jim Wagner is a third-generation farmer, born and raised in Corrales, New Mexico. Him family has been growing heritage green chiles for over 100 years. It’s therefore no surprise that the Wagners have a passion for providing public education about where their food comes from, and the importance of New Mexican food traditions. To this end, Big Jim Farms hosts school field trips and interactive U-pick days with educational themes.

Body Products - Arroyo Seco

Taos Bee Flower Company

Moira O’Hanlon had been beekeeping for 15 years and has 25 Top bar bee hives. Her bees create the products, and Moira packages them. All products are hand crafted and organic.

Jewelry - Tijeras

Casa Brujaja

Casa Brujaja is a collaborative project by Kia Bridges and Sienna Dellepiane. Their work is inspired by their love of the desert, their Latinidad, their superstitions and where those things intersect. Their passions and inspirations have come together in the creation of unique and beautiful adornments that honor their wild places.

Textiles - Albuquerque

Cherrymae Designs

Cherrymae Golston traveled From Belize to Los Angeles To UC Berkeley to study Spanish. In the late 90’s she started making quilted wall sculptures then ten years later she started making pottery featuring female images that are celebratory and free. These quilts and ceramic pieces Juxtapose and blend her African and Caribbean heritages that manifest themselves in her choice of images and her employment of vibrant African fabrics with captivating African designs.

Specialty Food - Albuquerque

Eldora Chocolate

Steve Prickett has a passion for chocolate, the industry and the environmental impact. Eldora Chocolate is a Craft Bean to Bar chocolate company. We source cocoa beans from around the world, roast them, remove the hull, and process them according to their individual terroir and flavor profile. Our job is to tease out the flavors locked within a given bean from a given origin. With this craft chocolate we prepare bars, truffles, and specialty food items for our customers to enjoy.

Woodworking - Datil

Michael Alguire

Michael Alguire is a native New Mexican, born in Albuquerque. He began his wood turning hobby in 2013 making pens and small wooden ornaments. His passion has grown and his art has flourished to intricate wood turned hollow forms, including bowls, vases and abstract art pieces like basket illusions and more intricate pieces called “Wheels of Delicacy.”

Michael’s 13 years as a Machinist at the Very Large Array has helped him understand the mechanical aspects of his art. With no formal training in the Fine Arts field, Michael’s creativity comes from within. His inspiration comes simply from seeing a piece of wood in its raw state and imaging the possibilities. Today Michael lives in Datil, New Mexico with his wife Patricia, his two sons, his two daughters and a small farm.

Woodworking - Santa Fe

Miguel Licona

Miguel Licona began woodworking 20 years ago in college. He apprenticed under a master furniture maker and worked as a high end cabinetmaker. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology from Dartmouth College and a Master of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University. Wild Edge Woodworks, imagined as a way of bringing beauty into the lives of those who acquire its works of artistry, allows Miguel to work at home and to be an example for his son of how hard work, passion, and creativity can lead to a more deliberate and sustainable way of life. Miguel live in Santa Fe with his wife Gloria and young son, Joaquin.

Ceramics - Santa Fe

Modern Folk Ware

Studio potter Jennie Johnsrud was born and raised in Minnesota and received a studio art degree from St. Olaf College. She continued her training as an apprentice in the pottery at the Rochester Folk Art Guild and then relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. After 20 years of practice, she began selling her work full time, blending the mingei philosophy of her early training with the clean and modern forms found within her Scandinavian heritage.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

R Montoya Jewelry

Randy Montoya is a silver/goldsmith from Santa Fe, NM whose ancestry in Santa Fe goes back many generations to 1890. At 15 years of age, Randy discovered his affinity for making jewelry when he was a student at Santa Fe High School. Shortly after graduating Randy was offered a job with a local jewelry designer, Douglas Magnus, thus catapulting his passion for jewelry and design. It quickly became evident that he had a true talent and natural ability for silversmithing. He continued to work for Douglas Magnus for the next 18 years during which he perfected his ability to work with silver, gold and intricate stone inlays. Randy now has a collection of traditional and contemporary pieces that have been featured in multiple artist markets in New Mexico. Following their own passion for silver/goldsmithing, Randy’s two sons now work alongside him as apprentices.

Textiles - Rowe

Colleen Davy

After many years of working in fiber in various commercial settings, Colleen Davy has turned her attention back to what matters most to her: creative room to breathe and grow, working with fine natural materials, and producing beautiful, functional objects. Her work at Cloud 9 Stitching is a joining up of the skills she has honed working in fabric over the years, with an overall cohesive design aesthetic that is timeless, distinct, and carefully considered. This collection of naturally-dyed contemporary quilts and linen accessories is built from the elements of nature, and focused on beauty, function, and craftsmanship.

Woodworking - Albuquerque


Zach and Tricia Tift are the owners of TFTWood, a local woodworking company in Albuquerque, NM. They met in high school and have spent the past 17 years traveling the world together. Zach is currently employed by the US Air Force and they realized that they wanted to find something they could do together in their spare time. Notably, Zach has always loved working with his hands so it was an instinctive vocation once he handcrafted his first cutting board 8 years ago. Since then, they have launched TFTWood, added 4 branches to their family tree (Charli, Adam, Victoria, and Joseph), and really honed their technique for crafting functional art for the kitchen and home.

Jewelry - Espanola

Shane Casias

Shane Casias is a custom jewelry designer and silversmith. All of his sterling silver jewelry is handmade in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Every piece that leaves his shop is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Shane’s jewelry is considered traditional as well as contemporary. He is mostly self-taught and had opportunities as a young adult working with silversmithing shops to learn his craft. Shane creates jewelry that will be passed down from generation to generation for all to enjoy.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Lawrence Baca

Lawrence Baca was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, and has been a full time jeweler since 1992. His jewelry is all hand made with high quality materials. Lawrence is blessed to live in a state where the landscape, history and culture influence his designs. He enjoys working with the community and is proud to be in many private collections, Museum of New Mexico, Folk Art Museum, Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts, Albuquerque Museum, Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt and the Taylor Museum.

Photography - Santa Fe

Ellen Baca

Ellen Baca was born in Santa Fe, NM, and was raised by a family of artists. She juried into the Spanish Market in 2004 and at the age of 12 the International Folk Art Market purchased one of her pieces for their permanent collection. Her medium then was painting. In her late teens Ellen switched her medium to photography. She studied at the Santa Fe Community College where she learned the techniques of developing in a dark room, sunlight cyanotypes as well as photography with 35mm and digital.

Jewelry - Estancia

JAD Custom Engraving and Handmade Western Goods

Jack Allen comes from a ranching background. He has been engraving for over 30 years which he learned from his father. The type of engraving he does is called western bright cut. He mainly does western bright cut because not many people do it anymore. He uses several stones in his work including birthstones, turquoise and white buffalo.

Textiles - Corrales

Collected Hands Studio

Tamara Wenderlich is a self-taught textile and surface pattern designer with formal training in Mathematics and Computer Science. Her work is strongly influenced by the vibrant culture and whimsical natural environment of the New Mexico High Desert. Together with her husband, Neal – a woodworker, they own Collected Hands Studio specializing in artisan home decor and accessories. They embrace the 20th century American Craftsman ideal of surrounding yourself with items that are beautiful as well as functional and durable, seeking quality rather than quantity. They also organize the Corrales Makers Market that runs in the summer.

Woodworking - Las Cruces

Thomas Smiley

Thomas Smiley graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He went to work for the Army Corps of Engineers which took him to San Antonio, Germany, Poland and finally Las Cruces, NM. Thomas began his woodworking business in early 2018. He worked in a cabinet shop early in his life and got the woodworking bug. He started out making traditional cutting boards and serving boards then discovered epoxy resin and started to incorporate it into his work. Soon he branched out to lazy susans and small tables which became very popular. Thomas has participated in art shows all over the southwest US, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Lori Swartz

Lori Swartz began as a metal smith, creating sculpture, furniture and jewelry. She is also a painter, writer and a performer of circus arts (acrobatics, aerial fabric and aerial chain). Working as a multi-media artist has allowed her to express herself in ways that are both private and public. She does not have divided loyalties. She has one loyalty – art – with multiple expressions. Lori hand forges’s sterling silver and gold jewelry in her studio in Madrid, NM.

Textiles - Albuquerque

K D Designs

Katherine Duquette has lived in New Mexico since she was a toddler. She has a lifelong drive to create art reflecting the colors, forms of nature and landscapes found in the Southwest. Fabric is her medium of choice to translate a vision of the southwest’s mesas, mountains, deserts and magnificent color.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Found: in ABQ

Jessica deGruyter is a self-taught artist and metal-smith learning her craft through workshops, books and experimentation with unusual materials. Each of her pieces is a modern-day curiosity cabinet, meant to display object and to hold space for memory.

She works with a variety of traditional jewelry making tools, including her grandmother’s acetylene torch and chasing stamps handmade from rebar remnants. Jessica delights in using unusual materials, like acrylic rescued from the waste stream, fascinating and collectible gem and mineral specimens, and wing and petal that show signs of a life well lived. Multi-layered and multi-colored vitreous enamel surfaces evoke the chimerical nature of the sky or the landscape, as she layers about 15 different enamel colors onto a single piece, kiln-firing the sugary powder into a hard glossy surface at a very hot 1450 degrees Fahrenheit. The results are always delightful, and sometimes surprising.

Glass - Albuquerque

Wired Glass

Mitchell Berg loves to play with fire. He is a self-taught artist and renowned scavenger gathering and firing a wide range of materials into delightful narrative forms. Fired glass, welded metal and a plethora of found objects come together in a humorous alchemy, a sidestep from the seriousness with which fire and artmaking are often regarded.

In 2015, he moved to Albuquerque’s south valley from Santa Fe and built an open-air studio, aptly named Fuego, in a shipping container and left-over semi-truck. With a formidible junk yard and a fine assortment of tools, Fuego has become a non-profit, collaborative artspace of free-range ideas and possibilities. Fuego is open to the public for creative classes and also serves as a center for individuals in recovery. We are all searching for meaning and when we stop taking that so seriously we realize that meaning is also searching for us.

Painting - Albuquerque

Brian Gonzales

Brian Gonzales creates pieces with lively color through a variety of brush and knife techniques in oils and acrylics. Drawing inspiration from his home state of New Mexico, the old masters, and modern street art legends, Brian boldly experiments with a broad range of themes, as he highlights subtle beauty and fearlessly communicates deeper social controversy that must not be overlooked. He works en plein air and from the live model to bring depth to his landscapes and portraits, continually strengthening his skills toward bigger canvasses and upcoming mural work.

Specialty Food - Santa Fe

Art of Chocolate / Cacao Santa Fe

Cacao Santa Fe brings together an experience of fine handcrafted chocolate and artisan truffles specializing in Southwestern and Hawaiian tropical flavors and designs. Indulge in fine chocolates, choose from their collection of carefully curated chocolate bars from artisan makers from around the world, or book one of our fun & educational hands-on workshops in Santa Fe or Maui.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Chris Casey

Chris Casey builds abstract compositions using a simple vocabulary of curves, lines, and dots on fields of color. Improvisation is key in his work as a directional force because clay demands a high degree of technical skill which can stunt creativity. Chris hopes to use the abstract nature of color to tie his designs to emotions and experiences and to explore a world of meaning not within reach of any other design element. On top of these fields of color, his mark-making is precise while the overall designs are unplanned. This dichotomy of improvisation and precision is at the heart of his work. Like a Rorschach test, Chris explores the connections conjured in the mind when there is a lack of representational imagery.

Ceramics - Silver City

Daniel Garver

Daniel Garver holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2011). As an undergraduate Daniel majored in studio ceramics and minored in art history. In 2009 he studied in Cortona, Italy for one semester through the University of Georgia study abroad program. Upon completing his undergraduate studies Daniel relocated to North Carolina where he worked for several ceramic artists including Jason Burnett, Courtney Martin, and Jeannine Marchand. In 2015 he was selected for a 2-year Fellowship at the Penland School of Crafts. During this Core Fellowship, the unrestricted exploration of craft and material studies radically shifted his practice to focus primarily on drawing and textiles. In 2017 Daniel completed the Penland Fellowship and spent the remainder of the year traveling to the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and residencies at A-Z West, The Bright Angle, the Jentel Foundation, and the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Daniel currently lives and works in Silver City, New Mexico.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Jack Boglioli

Jack Boglioli started creating jewelry in 2008. During a 7 year period of self-learning, he practiced the techniques of binding and weaving precious metals, exploring what was possible to create using almost no tools. At that time, he says, “I became captivated by the level of focus and precision this process demanded, and the intricately layered textures that it could produce in a finished piece”.

Jack received formal training in traditional jewelry-making at Central New Mexico Community College, in 2015. Today, his goal is to achieve seamless integration of traditional metal-smithing techniques with the binding and weaving methods he became so enamored with from the start. He explains:

“All of my designs incorporate special binding and weaving techniques executed with thin strands of fine silver and high karat gold. I use these methods to embellish a piece, bind multiple components together, and trap stones into a fabricated framework. The beauty of woven silver and gold is incomparable, especially when it is used to set stones. From both closeup and far away it tends to draw the viewer in, to experience it’s finer details. I strive to showcase this beauty while maintaining the structural integrity and elegance of a well-crafted jewelry piece.”

In 2018, Jack was named “Jewellery Designer of the Year – USA” by U.K. based LUX Life Magazine.

Jewelry - Cerillos

Joshua Bingham

Born and raised in New Mexico, Joshua is a 3rd generation craftsman. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, Joshua’s Silversmith designs are often rich in New Mexico’s Ranch and Western heritage. Attention to detail and unique details are his cornerstones of individualism, creativity, and respect for all our deep heritages.

Quality comes from many hours searching for the very best American and high-grade stones. Joshua’s process from start to finish is one of extreme focus and passion.  From his 1500 square foot studio overlooking the Galisteo Basin and San Marcos Ruins he raises a family amongst generations of family and is able to work and think with great inspiration and drive to be truly true to his craft and heart.

Sculpture - Silver City

James Kane

James Stuart Kane is both a painter and sculptor, with a primary interest in the latter. His work spans many years of working serially, moving joyously toward simplification and clarification, striving toward the essence of his ideograph. His media are bronze, wood, acrylic and vinyl, steel and vinyl and inflatable vinyl. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he received his B.E. degree. He was awarded both an M.A. and an M.F.A. degree from the University of Wyoming, in Laramie. He has exhibited and taught at universities in the South, Mid-West and East. In addition, he owned and operated the critically acclaimed Indigenous Image Gallery in Palm Desert, California. He now lives, works and exhibits in Silver City, New Mexico.

Woodworking/Carving - Velarde

Larry Fielder

For over 35 years, artist Larry Fielder has been creating award-winning sculptural objects. After receiving his degree in Architecture, he began designing and fabricating architectural stained glass. Later, he became known for his large glass and steel sculptures which grace many homes in America and internationally. He then began making cast glass objects, and worked with many famous artists to realize their vision in cast glass, while still creating his own sculpture. Currently, Larry focuses his work crafting wood vases and wall pieces.  Larry is known for his impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Larry lives in his hand built adobe home in Northern New Mexico with his wife, nationally recognized textile artist, Juanita Girardin, many cats, a dog, and an organic garden.

Photography - Albuquerque

Julie Brokken

Julie Suzanne Brokken is a mixed media artist, poet, and photographer. Julie is fond of saying that her 7-word memoir reads, “Farmgirl sprouts artist wings, flies west…” at last landing in the creatively dynamic and welcoming Albuquerque. Art-making and her love of Mama Nature are inextricable and have always been at the heart of her soulful life purpose. She received a BA from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1983 before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. She made New Mexico her home in 2010 and has her “White Butterfly Studio” at the Factory on 5th Art Space.

Julie feels fortunate that her training as an artist was largely self-guided within the structure of a formal education. She was blessed with savvy teachers in high school and beyond who understood the value of self-exploration, self-direction and self-discipline. These qualities have been key in the development of her own unique voice, allowing unconventional approaches to the multiple mediums that define her work ~ mixed media photo-encaustics, collage, assemblage, drawing, painting, and installation art.

Julie has exhibited professionally since 1986 and is in the permanent collection of the Tucson Museum of Art.

Specialty Foods - Albuquerque

NM Sabor

Carla Gallegos-Ortega made salsa for many years. For every family celebration, get together, or office party she was asked to make salsa. Her mother always encouraged her to bottle it and sell it. Finally, in 2017, Carla decided to enter her salsa in the annual salsa competition at the Salsa Festival in Old Town. My friends agreed to assist, and we made 16 gallons of salsa on-site. During the tasting, several attendees were asking me where they could purchase my salsa… The winners were announced and Carla’s salsa received an award and a cash prize! The rest is history!!!

Today, NM Sabor is a local company that specializes in salsa, sauces, and more. Their goal is to create the best, fresh-tasting, hand-made salsas and sauces. NM Sabor focuses on flavor as our name suggests. By using fresh ingredients and local goods such as certified Hatch Green Chile in Their products they capture robust flavor and unbelievable freshness. Experience the unique flavors that ARE New Mexico with NM Sabor.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Marisa C de Baca

Marisa C de Baca is a New Mexican jewelry artist based out of Albuquerque. Originally from Santa Fe, Marisa’s work is greatly inspired by the desert Southwest. Her work combines a mixture of urban, spiritual, cultural, modern and traditional elements. Creating a wearable sculptural art with a message… and heart.

Marisa creates handmade precious metal pieces that reflect New Mexican culture, nature, and symbology. She sources all materials from New Mexico, including many of the stones she works with. Being the daughter of an Artist with a long lineage tied to New Mexico, Marisa grew up in the Studio arts here in Nuevo… From Las Vegas New Mexico, La Cienega, Santa Fe, and of course Albuquerque. She wants each piece to contain a story that can be shared throughout time… A story that embodies the sacred energy of the enchanted desert. Each piece is carefully designed before being made into actuality. Stones are carefully and responsibly sourced.

Textiles - Lincoln

Linda Caperton

A New Mexican since 2005, Linda Caperton is a full-time artist specializing in creating beautiful southwest images and colors. In fabric and watercolors.

Linda creates hand-dyed Nuno felted garments and Eco botanical prints on fabric. Nuno felt is a wet felting technique combining wool and silk with soapy water, combining the materials and “fulling” them into a felted piece. The silk is hand-dyed, steam set, and she uses merino wool, handspun yarn, prefelt, and more silk. Linda converts the seamless material into ponchos, shoulder wraps, scarves, shawls, etc. a one fits all.

Eco botanical printing uses silk, adding a mordant, leaves and flowers and a dye blanket, which steams for several hours to produce lovely scarves and shawls printed with botanical material. Linda uses only natural dyes in her process. The resulting fabric can then be felted into garments as well.

Jewelry - Vanderwagon

Chee’s Arts + Crafts

Frank and Evelyn Chee have been creating jewelry for 40 years in a small New Mexico town called Vanderwagon. The hallmark of the Chee’s style is inlay jewelry with all-natural stones and shells, all hand-cut and set in sterling silver.

Specialty Foods - Los Lunas

Wilder Gardens

Vicki Coffin began making a garden-fresh tomato sauce several years ago for her grandchildren who didn’t like vegetables. She shared her sauce with family and friends and entered the New Mexico State Fair – winning four Blue Ribbons. She began producing her sauce this sauce at the Mixing Bowl, at the South Valley Economic Development Center in Albuquerque.

Wilder Blue Ribbon Gardens Original Recipe Tomato Sauce gets its garden-fresh taste from locally grown tomatoes combined with onion, garlic, bell pepper, and Mexican oregano. No artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives are added. The sauce is made small batches to retain the taste and texture of fresh homemade tomato sauce. The glass jars are recyclable, and they offer a 25 cent refund for the return of their jar.

In addition to making good food, Wilder Garden’s goal is to use locally sourced fresh ingredients. This is a seasonal product that is worth waiting for!

Woodworking/Carving - Velarde

Larry Fielder

For over 35 years, artist Larry Fielder has been creating award-winning sculptural objects. After receiving his degree in Architecture, he began designing and fabricating architectural stained glass. Later, he became known for his large glass and steel sculptures which grace many homes in America and internationally. He then began making cast glass objects, and worked with many famous artists to realize their vision in cast glass, while still creating his own sculpture. Currently, Larry focuses his work crafting wood vases and wall pieces.  Larry is known for his impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Larry lives in his hand built adobe home in Northern New Mexico with his wife, nationally recognized textile artist, Juanita Girardin, many cats, a dog, and an organic garden.

Painting - Santa Fe

Shakti Kroopkin

Contemporary abstract artist Shakti Kroopkin began painting in oils at the age of seven and never stopped. Shakti graduated from the world-renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998 and moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2005. Kroopkin has shown in over 50 galleries and art shows across the country and is internationally collected. She is currently showing with Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY, NY, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Gallery 13/Starlight Arts in Minneapolis, MN and Jezebel Gallery, Madrid, NM.

Shakti blends abstract space with the energy of street art to create visionary worlds of limitless possibility. She produces sumi ink and oil paintings, steel and bronze sculpture, commissions, live painting performance at events and fundraisers, giclee reproductions, custom skateboards and clothing, abstract art workshops (private or group), and offers art donations to nonprofits.

Painting - Albuquerque

Saint Jame

David Santiago was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, and spent his early years as a Hawaiian shirt-wearing rolly-back pack pulling superfan of the film Titanic. Eventually, David forsook the former and embraced the latter, becoming a charcoal artist specializing in female portraiture. When not drawing his French girls, he derives inspiration from his southwest surroundings, and influence from his father, a rock sculptor, whose passion for his work bleeds into David’s dedication to his own. A graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, David discovered many of the techniques and mediums he still uses, as well as a love of art, and work ethic that can only be born from architecture school’s rigorous sleep-depriving demands during his college tenure. David is the exclusive artist of Tractor Brewing Company and has shown, and been published nationally.

Ceramics - Santa Fe

Owen Marc Laurion

An interdisciplinary artist, Owen Marc Laurion combines scholarly research with a studio practice exploring the (re)production of culture and personhood in contemporary society. He earned his BA from the University of Rochester in Anthropology and Philosophy and his MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Owen makes functional tableware with earthenware clay. His pottery is driven by parallel careers in the arts and the food industry: he worked in professional kitchens for 15 years and his passion for cooking and food drives him to make simple, minimalist forms for durability, use, and beautiful plating. His goal is to highlight the food and the experience of eating.

He has exhibited his work nationally and is the recipient of the Robert Howe Fletcher Cup Award for Sculpture 2015, Rush Rhees Purchase Prize 2010, and was a Take Five Scholar at the University of Rochester 2010-2011. Owen has completed residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, the North Carolina Pottery Center, and Starworks, as well as presenting a lecture, “Seeking Ethical Craft” at NCECA 2018. Owen currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM.


Fashion - Albuquerque

Michael Wieclaw

Michael O. Wieclaw aka Metal The Brand is an Albuquerque based illustrator, graphic designer, and screen-printer. Notable works are the Breakfast Zia, collaborative work Slimy Susana (Martinez) The Garbage Pail Politician and his maggot apparel, stickers and swamp/pit interactive art installation in his retail shop Metal The Store. Apart from serving up fresh gear with New Mexico pride, Wieclaw is a part of a national network of micro merchandisers and sticker graffiti artists who help each other build an audience for their weirder work.


Meltdown Studio

Meltdown Studio Jewelry is handmade by jewelry artist Lauren Tobey in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she collects materials, and inspiration, from the gorgeous landscape of the southwestern desert. Seeds, pods, skulls, bones, twigs, and minerals are the basis of Lauren’s process. These precious flora and fauna are cast using a lost wax casting method in reclaimed sterling silver and ancient bronze and are then fabricated using ornamentation of locally sourced gems and minerals. Turquoise and other stones are used to embellish these natural adornments. Each piece is oxidized and hand-polished to achieve a subtle antiqued finish, perpetuating – in wearable art – the inconceivable beauty of the natural southwestern desert.

Painting - Santa Fe

Lisbeth Cort

Joy, Color and a Touch of Whimsy – These are the words to describe Lisbeth Cort’s art.

The colorful landscape, history, and cultures in New Mexico all inspire Libeth’s art. Her paintings are distinguished by a lively mix of patterns, saturated colors, and rich details. She loves to combine watercolor, wax pastels, gouache and ink to present my subjects in joyful and lively ways.

Lisbeth’s award-winning work has been featured in juried exhibitions, solo shows, and galleries in New Mexico and Washington. Her art cards are carried in the International Folk Art Museum, New Mexico History Museum, and Santa Fe Botanical Garden shops. She has also been a participant in the annual Santa Fe Studio Tour since 2018.

Putting a smile on buyers’ faces is her goal!

Sculpture - Albuquerque

Kateri Sanchez

Stone carving has long been a part of Kateri Sanchez’s maternal family heritage. She is a 3rd generation carver. Kateri’s grandmother, Ellen Quandelacy, was a jeweler and also a fetish carver and the matriarch of twelve children. More than half her children are well known for their fetish carvings and jewelry, including Kateri’s mother, Georgia Quandelacy.

When she was nine, Kateri’s mother allowed her to sit at her double shaft grinding motor and try her hand at carving. She first taught Kateri to carve turtles and bears with her scrap fossilized amber no less! At the age of 10, Kateri’s aunt Faye taught her to carve corn maidens on a hand-pumped grinding wheel. The corn maiden instantly became Kateri’s favorite thing to carve over the years.

Kateri began fetish carving full time as a young mother to provide for her newborn daughter, but the art quickly became something she grew to love, enjoy, and appreciate. Over the last 15 years she has delicately honed and nurtured her craft of stone carving and she now creates a variety of animals and birds in addition to the corn maiden.



Ceramics - Albuquerque

Jessica Penrod

Jessica Penrod originally studied as a painter at The University of New Mexico, but shortly after learning how to throw on the potter’s wheel, she transitioned into creating functional vessels. Jessica received her BFA with honors and focus in ceramics in 2017. She now works as a Production Potter at Hanselmann Pottery in Corrales, NM and uses her free time to focus on her personal artwork.

The surface of her pieces is inspired by nature from the White Mountains in Arizona and the high desert in New Mexico. Jessica enjoys making pieces that are not only visual art but are enjoyed through their process of creation, and the experience of their use in every-day life.

Woodworking/Carving - Albuquerque

Elmer Yungotsuna

Woodcarver Elmer Yungotsuna is Tewa/Hopi from the Hopi Mesas. He carves wooden earrings, folk art, animals, landscapes, and Katsina Dolls.  His traditional Hopi katsina carvings are created from cottonwood root. Elmer’s work has shown in:
• Arizona: Heard Museum; Arizona State University Museum; Litchfield Park Gathering
• California: Museum of Man (San Diego);Gene Autry Museum; Monterey Bay Museum
• Indiana: Eiteljorg Museum (Indianapolis); Children’s Museum (Indianapolis)
• New Mexico: Santa Fe Indian Market; Eight Northern Pueblo Show (San Juan Pueblo); Native Treasures (Santa Fe Sweeny Convention Center); Community Against Violence Show (Kit Carson Park, Taos); Millicent Rogers Museum (lecture and demonstrations on Katsina Dolls, Taos)
• Oklahoma: Red Earth Celebration (Oklahoma City); Tulsa Cherokee Casino Indian Art Show; Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival (Glenpool)
• Washington DC: Museum of the American Indian Grand Opening
Some of my pieces are in museums:
• Indiana: Eiteljorg Museum (Indianapolis)
• Japan: Emperor’s Palace
• New Mexico: Gallup Native Art Museum

Specialty Food - Santa Fe

Drift + Porter

Drift & Porter, in less than a year, gained incredible traction in the community of Santa Fe. Written up in all four major publications, including Edible New Mexico, Drift & Porter offers an interactive and unique service to its patrons. They offer a fully gluten-free and plant-based menu without compromising on the flavors, textures and aesthetic of its traditional counterpart. They specialize in custom and vibrant cakes which have also made the pages of local publications. They strive to operate their business with its roots in intention instead of ego and self-gratification, always putting the customer first and offering, on a spiritual level, a service of its own. Which, as a result, the experience becomes more than just food, but also something strangely comfortable and meaningful.

Drift & Porter’s vision extends far beyond what they are doing now and hopefully will metamorphosize into a spiritual center and retreat of some sort with its roots in clean and beautiful food as well as cooking classes, workshops, group therapy and much more. They draw inspiration from all aspects of artistic life and often create a fully immersive theme at random at any market they may be selling at. Elements of fashion, architecture, and food often infuse together and result in their branding techniques. Both Matthew Spano and John Partazana come from similar backgrounds in terms of profession and have found love as well as a beautiful partnership in each other.

Ceramics - Placitas

Catherine Alleva

Catherine Alleva is a first-generation Korean-American, born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was also raised in South Korea and New York and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She lived on the island of Maui for a decade before moving to New Mexico in the year 2000. She has been living in the “Land of Enchantment” ever since.
After a successful career as a Web Development Manager for Indian Health Service, Catherine immersed herself in ceramics and in particular, her passion for wheel-throwing. While primarily self-taught, she has attended the Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center in Makawao, Hawaii and has studied with several distinguished ceramists, including Jeff Oestreich and Adam Field.
Catherine creates altered and hand-decorated wheel-thrown functional-ware, drawing inspiration from nature and her profound connection to the places she has called home. Her passion for the ancient Asian art of wood firing has also led her to participate in and create works from firings in Madrid, El Prado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work has been exhibited in juried events and shows, including, most recently, Resonations in Clay – Life on the Bosque at the Albuquerque Open Space Visitors Center.

Painting - Santa Fe

Bindlestick Studio

Jeffrey Schweitzer is a writer and illustrator of limited edition children’s books. He has exhibited his layered pen and ink paintings nationally and internationally including a large exhibition with Chambers Fine Art in Beijing, China in 2011. He often exhibits with Artbreak Gallery at the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City. He keeps a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico called Bindlestick Studio, which is open to visitors. Jeffrey Schweitzer received his BFA in painting and drawing from Columbia College Chicago in 2003 and his MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2006.

Specialty Foods - Albuquerque

Bate Bate Chocolate

Bate Bate was born out of a young woman’s love affair with chocolate. Belen Romero, a Las Vegas, New Mexico native has had a mission to showcase the unique and magical qualities of each bean. Having developed a passion for food and culture, she has found herself completely enamored with the process of chocolate making. Each micro-batch is handcrafted using single-origin cacao beans from social, ecological, and economically sustainable supply chains. She puts love and intention into her craft and hopes to continue uniting people in the slow food movement.

Folk Art - Santa Fe

Ana Rivera

Anna “Ana” Rivera was born in Huntington Park, California, but did not spend much of her life there. She grew up in Albuquerque New Mexico’s South Valley, in an environment rich in Hispanic culture and where most of her extended family still resides. Ana currently lives in Northern New Mexico with her husband and daughter, it is there that she continues to pursue her lifelong passion for creating art.

Ana began drawing at an early age (5 is the earliest she can recall) and was inspired by horses and unicorns and fantasy worlds. Growing up an only child until the age of nine, she spent a great deal of time alone in her own world drawing, creating, dreaming…it was during this period that she began developing her artistic skills…she is self-taught.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Drishti Handmade

Drishti Handmade was founded in 2014 by Andrea Rodgers and was created after melding her two passions of fine arts and teaching yoga. Adding an additional layer of meaning and importance to her pieces is how she lives her own motto of “Set Your Intention. Follow Your Drishti.” Andrea creates with copper, raw crystals, and electroforming heavily. Each Drishti Handmade piece is completely handmade in her studio. Andrea loves to use raw crystals as each is unique, just the way mother nature made them, just like you 😉

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Robert Johnson

Navajo Artisan Robert Johnson was born in Gallup NM, raised in Pinedale NM, and graduated from Gallup High School. His career as a silversmith started at the age of 14 or 15 years old, as a buffer for his parent’s handmade sterling silver beads.

Robert met the late silversmith, Kirk Smith, known for his unique styles of antique finish repousse stamp work, during the summer of 1986. Kirk became a mentor for Robert and taught him the art of creating jewelry – traditional Navajo stamping with an antique finish, at times high polished pieces all of which started from bracelets, earrings, concho belts, rings, squash blossoms, hair tie’s and so forth. It was an exciting time of in his life – learning a new trade and being able to support his family.

Robert has enjoyed his work as a silversmith and has developed his own unique styles of Navajo Jewelry. Creating jewelry is his passion. His creations include handmade antique finished and sometimes high polished traditional and contemporary Navajo jewelry from squash blossoms to concho belts, earrings, bracelets/cuffs, rings and hair clips with sterling silver, turquoise and various gemstones.

Jewelry ~ Albuquerque

Allen Aragon

Navajo artisan Allen Aragon creates his hand-painted ceramic and silver jewelry with stories and representations of his culture from the Navajo Nation. His detailed process includes hand coiling and firing glazes up to six times. Each piece may include over 350 hours of work. Allen’s creations also include handmade, fired and painted pottery as well as belts, pendants and earrings.

Ceramics - Cliff

Mary Giardina

Wild Crafted Clay Pottery combines the awareness of form, color, native plants and function to create a product that is utilitarian and artful. The design of each piece blends the traditional form with a special surface for the expression of each wild flower. The majority of the work is wheel-thrown functional wares, decorated with hand carved SW wildflowers. Mary Giardina has a background of 30 plus years as a production potter, a painter and a gardener. Her experiential learning with clay has led her to explore and understand many aspects of this medium and to realize how much more there is to learn. She strives to keep an open awareness of the clay process which builds the foundation of the next set of pieces to be made. The forward motion, observation and connectedness with nature keeps the work fresh and creative.

Furniture Design - Tijeras

Scott Beatty

Scott Beatty is a local furniture artist based out of Tijeras New Mexico. His work is primarily functional industrial and rustic pieces. Scott often finds inspiration for a piece right where the original material is found. Each piece takes a unique form that is determined by how the raw material is found and how it can be made into a bold and functional addition to the decor in any home.

Fashion - Belen

Holly Woelber

Each one of Holly Woelber’s designs is an original; handmade in Belen, New Mexico. Inspired by the beauty of New Mexico’s waters, earth, sunrises and sunsets; each piece captures the colors of that element. Beautiful, distinctive fabrics infused with our state’s natural beauty are crafted into a piece of wearable art. She wanted to illustrate through this wearable art, the beauty of our southwestern influence.

Holly’s mother, Mary, introduced her to sewing over 40 years ago; her first piece a sleeveless sheath. In honor of her and her sister’s creativity with fabrics Holly named her company after them, Mary and Georgette Design, shortened to m-g designs.

Leather Goods - Abiquiu

Rosy Verdile

Rosy Verdile is a self taught leather artisan. Over the last twenty years, while living as a lay resident of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, her focus in service to the community has been monastic crafts. It is here that she learned about leather work. Each leather item she makes is an original design and each piece one-of-a-kind. Rosy’s designs accent the natural qualities found in the leather, using rough authentic edges of the hide as design elements. Since simple hand work is valued and favored in monastic crafts, she taught herself to hand-sew the leather. She has never changed from this truly intimate, slow and meticulous process. A hand-punched, hand-sewn leather piece has a unique look not found in machine sewn items.

Painting - Santa Fe

Lori Snable

Lori Snable is a California native of Hispanic ancestry and now a Santa Fe resident. She has become deeply connected with Northern New Mexico. After many years of painting pastel night scenes she became fascinated with painting pet portraits. This new path has taken on “a life of its own” and pet portraits have become so popular that this is now her main focus. The portraits are based on pet photographs and are done in oil on canvas. Companion animals have always been a vital part of Lori’s life. She loves developing the portrait to show both the image of the pet and also convey the personality of the pet in the painting. This is always an enjoyable challenge and each commission is unique.

Painting - Albuquerque

Michael Pace

Michael Pace was born and raised in Las Vegas, NM and has lived in Albuquerque since 2000. Throughout his childhood and career he has been fortunate to travel to much of New Mexico and has experienced many of the Land of Enchantment’s unique wonders. Michael’s background is in architectural and landscape design, which has been essential to his understanding of light and shadow, movement and composition. Each work is meant to inspire others to get out and explore our beautiful state and share stories with viewers who have memories of these places. To date, he has created an ongoing series of New Mexican Landmarks that aim to capture the spirit of his home state and share it with the world.

Painting - Albuquerque

Karen Mogen

Karen Hackett Mogen is a graphic artist, juried watercolorist, acrylic painter and mosaic artist. Art has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. She started drawing as a child in the Chicago area and then received a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico. khmogen design was launched in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nature is her inspiration for her organic painting subject matter, from animal portraiture to an exquisite flower or other interesting flora. Karen’s Vintage Tin Paintings started in May of 2017. Her best friend Meg is an expert in salvage finds and other vintage pieces. She found ten galvanized tin roofing tiles and said, “…do something with these…” Karen started painting acrylic on them and has not stopped. She have now expanded to all shapes and sizes of vintage metal.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Kathleen McCaughey

Kathleen McCaughey is a long time resident of Albuquerque, NM. She enjoys the outdoors and the beauty of the southwest, which inspires the design of her silver jewelry. Her prior background in engineering and manufacturing, results in jewelry that is both elegant and functional. Kathleen avidly pursues her silversmithing skills and continually searches for new methods and materials to incorporate into her jewelry. Her creations are often centered around one-of-a-kind, hand picked stones from around the world, so that no two are alike. She enjoys creating custom designs for individual customers that reflect their ideas and tastes.

Body Products/Candles - Santa Fe

Maaike Hurst

Maaike Hurst has been a painter for over 20 years, a life long musician, freak about skin & body products and ingredients, and a former financial planner. She is an anomaly in that she is right AND left brained, making the science of soap making and the art of making it gorgeous, a very logical progression. She is obsessed with unique scent blending, color and texture combinations, and helping people heal and nourish their skin and hair ailments. Specifically, helping people clear up acne with their face, bad eczema patches on the body, and helping with thinning, greasy, or dry hair really makes her happy.

Body Products/Candles - Albuquerque

Lisa Ramirez

Lisa Ramirez created SattvatA Organics to make caring for herself and her family safe, simple, effective and affordable. Her passion for developing natural products that are made with high quality organic ingredients resulted in a realization that these products could be shared with others at prices that are far lower than traditionally found on the market.

They take pride in choosing only the finest ingredients and grow many of the organic herbs themselves. All of their products are handcrafted with love and care in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. SattvatA Organics is proud to be a New Mexico True Certified Company and source many ingredients and materials locally with the understanding that supporting local businesses builds strong communities.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

Judy Kramer

Judy Kramer has been making and designing leather jewelry for 5 years. She has always had a passion for wearing and designing unique jewelry. She became inspired by the beautiful leathers and beads she came in contact with through her classes at Santa Fe Community College and bead stores around Santa Fe.

Folk Art - Santa Fe

Teresa Gutierrez

Originally from Cuba, Teresa Gutierrez now makes Santa Fe her home. Her functional and decorative wooden creations are a reflection of her island origins and folk art influences from yearly summer trips to Mexico with family. The joyful celebration of color is the prevalent hallmark of her whimsical work.

Jewelry - Taos

Peter Gilroy

Born and raised in Taos, New Mexico, Peter Gilroy was lucky to have grown up with the mountains in his backyard. He grew up creating – working the summers for his uncle, master goldsmith Phil Poirier. In college he studied photography then built custom furniture and experimented with making jewelry. He got sucked into the endless work, struggling to find balance between his love for climbing and the outdoors on the one hand, and his creative work on the other. In 2014 Peter had a pivotal change of thinking. Instead of seeing his two passions as separate, he asked himself: What if I combine my passion for making art with my passion for climbing and the mountains? Since that day, he has been on a journey to bring these aspects together. He wants to capture the experiences we have outdoors and then bring them forward as mementos, to be savored in all the other moments of our lives. Everything is made by Peter in his small studio, in Taos, NM. He work with American-made machinery and tools. All materials, like stones and metal, are from the best, local if possible, eco-friendly sources.

Woodworking - Corrales

Shaun Garcia

Creating has been Shaun Garcia’s life long passion. He was always flush with ideas and through the years they have manifested themselves in all forms of art. Shaun has played guitar, taken photos, written, painted, and drawn every day for most of his life and when he bought a house with a wood shop his vision for his future in art came full circle. At the age of 36, and after building several tables, his future was suddenly as clear as perfectly applied epoxy resin. He was an artist and had always been. The reason that woodwork brought this realization to fruition is because of its functionality. We need art in our lives. It surrounds us, whether we think about it or not, but the idea of buying art is not always a reason for people to part with their hard earned dollars. That’s where furniture as functional art plays a roll. You can use a beautiful table every day for the rest of your life and then pass it on to the next generation. Shaun wants his art to be used and lived with, touched, scarred and aged with you and your family. Join him on his journey of self discovery as he creates timeless pieces at home today and for generations to come.

Metal Works - Albuquerque

Stephan Webb

Stephan Webb works with a variety of mediums, but his main focus is bronze sculpture and silver jewelry. His artwork takes a surrealistic view of biological processes and how they interact with our fabricated human environments. Evolution is an ongoing process and he tries to show this in his art work. Stephan tells a story of organisms that have evolved in cohesion with man’s machines or discarded relics. For example, coral may use sunken planes as a foundation to start a new colony. How far can this interaction go? Can organisms entirely integrate man-made objects into their complex systems? He merges biology with industry and shapes that most people are familiar with to try and convey this concept. Often these themes are combined in intricate sculptures that feature biological entities and structures juxtaposed with harsh geometric shapes, while trying to establish a soft merger of the two.

Body Products/Candles - Albuquerque

Katie Uilk

Katie Uilk has been handcrafting products since 2011 to heal her own skincare problems she suffered from since her teens. These products have healed her skin and now she shares her expertise and products through the 505 Collection. Katie teamed up with Dr. Kristina Trujillo her sister in law to create a company that maximizes the scientific benefits of natural skin care products.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Shane Silva

Shane Silva, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, discovered his love of pottery during high school, and quickly found himself at home in the ceramics studio. Determined to turn his obsession into a career, Shane pursued a degree in ceramics from the University of New Mexico, participated in a research trip to Arita, Japan, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017. The functionality of the art medium, and the process itself, are the greatest sources of inspiration in his work.

Specialty Foods - Las Cruces

Heather Salopek

In 2014, Heather Salopek, 4th Generation Farmers Daughter, began Legacy Pecans. Legacy Pecans was founded on the premise of respect and admiration of the past, combined with a vision and passion for the future. Legacy Pecans is a local pecan company based out of Las Cruces. Offering family grown farm fresh pecans, valued added pecan products and specialty gourmet pecan gifts. Pecan gifts grown by our family to be enjoyed by yours.

Specialty Foods - Albuquerque

Michael Silva

Rude Boy Cookies is a locally owned brick and mortar bakery in the university area, specializing in cookies and bars of every shape, size, and flavor. We have a wide variety of deliciousness to enjoy! Including CLASSICS like Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter, and DELUXE options like S’mores, Oatmeal Cream Pies, Vegan options, Gluten Free options, and Monthly Specials.

Ceramics - Albuquerque

Diane Rosnagle Short

Drawing on years of children’s book publishing, mothering, and teaching middle school, Diane is fascinated by the way tiny nuances of gesture create personality – even in a shape with no ears, eyes, nose or proper feet. A slump here. A twist there. How about some arms? And suddenly a new individual is crying or laughing or getting snippy right there on her table. Out of chaos comes … character.

Jewelry - Santa Fe

John Paul Rangel

John Paul Rangel is a metalsmith, artist, designer, creative director, scholar, and writer. He began learning metalsmithing as part of his BFA program at the University of Texas – Austin which he completed in 1998. In 2006, he earned his master’s degree in American Studies and in 2012 his doctorate degree in Education from the University of New Mexico. He is currently the creative director for his own design/marketing studio. He has worked with many Native institutions including the Institute for American Indian Arts and the Santa Fe Indian Market. Rangel has been making this current line of jewelry since 2012 which he does simultaneously with his other professional pursuits including writing about Native art, marketing/advertising and occasionally teaching.

Specialty Foods - El Prado

Mike McMannon

Taos Honey Company owner Mike McMannon first called Taos home in 1994. Mike purchased the Taos Honey Company after apprenticing for 3 years with the previous owner, Jason, hoping to spend more time with bees while creating an honest and fair job for himself and General Manager Jeffrey Vasquez.

Taos Honey is a family operated farm business, supporting healthy pollinator populations, beekeeping and thoughtful land stewardship in Northern New Mexico and the Upper Rio Grande river corridor.

Jewelry - Albuquerque

Karole Mazeika and Grady Jaynes

OROPOPO is a husband and wife duo, Karole Mazeika and Grady Jaynes. In their Albuquerque studio they combine new techniques with traditional materials to create objects inspired by Native American, classic Western, and New Mexican culture that breathe new life into American history. Karole’s professional background is in architecture and structural engineering. The Oropopo name is from her birthplace on the coast of Venezuela. Grady is a native of New Mexico, a writer, and literary editor; he has specialized in desert literature and its aesthetics. Together, they refine a narrative that associates site and culture with contemporary technology.

Body Products/Candles - Albuquerque

Sonia Masocco

Sonia Masocco, R.A.P., CH, moved to New Mexico twenty years ago to learn more Ayurveda. Little did she know that she would not only fall in love with Ayurveda but also with New Mexico and a New Mexican! For the past 10 years, she has been teaching Clinical Herbalism and Ayurveda at the University of New Mexico as well as having a thriving private practice. In the last few years she has been developing her own private label, harvesting from years of knowledge, experience and her own garden.

Painting - Alameda

Rhett Lynch

Rhett Lynch lives and works in Alameda, New Mexico. In his forty years working as a professional artist, he has found expression in a variety of mediums: hand-woven tapestries, sculpture, drawings, monotypes, paintings in oil and acrylic, writing, acting in films, and developing the motion picture production company, Heap Big Films. Always seeking to expand his visual vocabulary, Rhett consistently experiments with various materials in order to bring more power, life, and intensity to his art. Rhett’s broad range of subject matter: the human form, animals, landscapes, icons, archetypes, myth and legend, are depicted realistically to pure abstract, whimsical to mystical. Rhett refers to his work as a visual journal, recording his experiences as a tourist of life. His work is a testament to the deeply powerful symbols found in the well of his Indigenous heritage. His work conveys a universal message, which crosses all cultural boundaries. Although varying greatly in medium and subject matter, all of Rhett’s work contains a common thread, intensity of color interwoven with multifaceted intent.

Folk Art - Santa Fe

Thomas Hogan

Thomas creates intriguing birdhouses, crosses, nichos, churches, and other items from locally recycled wood for the last sixteen years. While he leaves some wood in its natural finish, his use of color on other items is masterful. With great respect for his materials and an eye for meaningful beauty, he creates remarkable pieces of art that are a delight to own.

Body Products/Candles

Susan Feavearyear

Established in 1992, Artemisia Herbs has maintained a strong presence as a loyal provider of ethically sourced plant medicine, and bath & beauty products within New Mexico. Our herbs are sourced primarily from a family owned farm in Dixon, NM as well as other local growers from Northern New Mexico down to the South Valley of Albuquerque. Deeply informed by the intelligence of the plants themselves, we carefully blend by hand in small batches, producing a product which maintains an energetic integrity, and artisanal quality from seed to shelf.

Painting - Albuquerque

David Behrens

David Behrens’ paintings can be described as Native American historically based drenched in deep emotion. The technique that has become his hallmark is called oil glazing and is achieved by adding several gradual layers of translucent oil washes on top of each other much like the technique employed by the early Italian Renaissance artists. Known for his moving portraits of Native chieftains and elders David also renders wildlife with the same intensity. Knowing that art is the deepest human language David’s mission is to engage the viewer on a soul level. “Art is like a river that comes from the place of mystery and love and flows through the artist splashing against the banks of tired imaginations. It offers a reprieve to the linear world and opens the soul to wonder”. David’s paintings can be seen in galleries across the country as well as in National Parks.

Sculpture - Placitas

Barbara Burzillo

Barbara works primarily in abstract, figurative bronze sculpture and painting. She revels in dramatic gestures and vibrant palettes. Her work frequently includes elongated, faceless, fantastical figures. It’s often noted that Barbara’s sculptures and paintings convey a dynamic sense of movement. She relies on the medium as an active participant in determining the subject of her art. While she sometimes plans, she says her most successful sculptures and paintings are of organic origins.

Photography - El Prado

Chris Dahl-Bredine

Ultralight aerial photographer Chris Dahl-Bredine captures a perspective of the Southwest from above. With his images of our world, Chris hopes to impart a sense of wonder and beauty and interconnectedness that is vital to what we all truly want: a peaceful, abundant and joyful existence where we can all reach our fullest potential as people of the earth together.

Fashion - Albuquerque

Sue Orchant

Sue Orchant has studied many processes of painting on silk including gutta serti, shibori, and soy wax techniques. The intensity of the colors you can achieve and the sinuous, illustrative quality of the resist lines draws her in! Watching the dye flow from the brush across the silk is a wonder! Each piece Sue creates is an original design hand painted on 100% silk.

Painting - Albuquerque

Jodie Herrera

Jodie Herrera is a Northern New Mexican painter with Latina, Apache and Comanche ancestry. She has been an artist her whole life and started formally painting in 2011. Herrera received her BFA with honors from the University of New Mexico and currently resides in Albuquerque, where she works as a full-time Artist and Curator. Herrera is currently focusing on two art projects. Herrera’s main project is locally based, where she creates semi-photorealistic figurative oil paintings portraying women that are going through or have persevered through trauma.

Photography - Tijeras

Amy Ditto

An award-winning artist and owner of Ghostwolf Gallery, Amy’s artistic process is a fusion of original photography and digital techniques to create playful, iconic images from the imagination. Her bold, vibrant, fantastical, and undeniably fun digital collages evoke a sense of wonder and irreverence and have been displayed widely around the state of New Mexico. Best known for her “After Oz” series, Amy’s new media collages depict scenes and tell stories with a distinctive vision and quirky sense of humor.

recycled/upcycled - Albuquerque

R Cubed ABQ

When Annette Donald cleaned out her parents’ house she uncovered many unique furniture and small item gems that lead her to refurbishing them for personal use. That sparked an interest in continuing to find things to re-envision and repurpose especially from the many scrap heaps in the neighborhood. She credits her mother for teaching her so many of the skills she uses today although her vision has its own spin with whimsical and brightly painted designs to create accent pieces and functional art.