Our Story

Turquoise skies, sage-scented hills, ochre mountains. The colorful and dramatic landscape of New Mexico inspires creativity.  

New Mexico’s artisans add to our state’s rich history through their craftsmanship and trade skills. They authentically preserve the creative culture that has thrived in New Mexico for generations while also reaching toward the future with visionary creations.


The New Mexico Artisan Market (NMAM) was launched by the New Mexico Multi-Cultural Foundation and Heritage Hotels & Resorts, Inc. in 2018 to expand and strengthen the creative economy of New Mexico by supporting and promoting our local creative talent. 

The Modern Marketplace

New Mexico Artisan Market is a three-day shopping experience that honors our state’s tradition of the community marketplace by providing a high-quality event that brings together artisans and art lovers. 

When you are face-to-face with the person that has traded their time and talent to create something for you it creates a human connection.

New Mexico True

New Mexico Artisan Market is a showcase of the best of New Mexico’s artisans. 

Each market event highlights over 100 local artisans and artisanal makers who are exceptional in their creative fields.

Artisans are considered from a large variety of contemporary and traditional styles and media that complement the existing markets in our state. Entry categories include Jewelry, Clothing/Fashion, Textiles/Fiber, Sculpture, Glass, Home Goods, Ceramics/Pottery, Locally-made Specialty Foods/Beverage, Bath + Body Products/Candles, Furniture and Case Goods, Recycled/Upcycled, Woodworking/Carving, Leather Goods, Metal Works, Painting, Photography, Paper Products and Musical Instruments.

New Mexico’s arts and cultural industries make a strong contribution to the economic health of state. According to the department of cultural affairs, the arts + cultural industries employs 1 in 10 jobs in our state. Beyond that, the reputation of our artisans shines far beyond our state’s size or economic standing. Our artisans bring beauty and function, culture and thought-provoking reactions. 

Juried Event

Our state doesn’t just have talented artisans, it’s also made up of some amazing influencers.  In 2018, over 300 applications were juried and 130 artisans were accepted for the New Mexico Artisan Market. Each exhibitor was selected by a top-quality group of New Mexico Tastemakers, talented and creative influencers throughout New Mexico’s various creative industries. Each is an expert in their industry, and they’ve helped us bring to you the best of New Mexico.

Meet the 2023 Jurors.